12 Foot Wee Lassie Canoe

L. F. Herreshoff
“It is my opinion that the double paddle canoe gives the most fun for the money of any type of boat a person can possess, and I must say that it is my favorite form of aquatic sport..”
Sensible Cruising Designs, International Marine, Camden Maine 1973, 1991
R.D. ‘Pete’ Culler (on why a double paddle canoe was featured in a book on rowing)
“Not being able to choose between the two, I decided to have both a pulling boat and a canoe, and I still can’t say which one I love the most!”
Boats Oars and Rowing, International Marine, Camden Maine 1978
G.W. Sears ‘Nessmuk’
“Whence it comes that I always prefer a very light, open canoe; one that I can carry almost as easily as my hat, and yet that will float me easily.”
Woodcraft, Field and Stream, NewYork 1920
John Macgregor (on vehicals for travel) “Yes he has most thoroughly enjoyed these and other modes of locomotion in the four corners of the world; but the pleasure in the canoe was far better than all.”
A Thousand Miles in the Rob Roy Canoe on Rivers and lakes of Europe , Sampson Low, Son and Marston, London 1866

I had read quotes like the above about small double paddle canoes but never really paid much attention to these little boats until one day we tried some, eleven foot six inch Mac McCarthy designed Feather Canoes built by a friend.
These are really fun little boats, so I set about creating one out of plywood based on Macs Feather canoe as a baseline.

More coming this week (Feb 19 3013).

Wee Lassie canoe at Ross Lake

Prototype 1/4″ exterior grade plywood Wee Lassie canoe at Ross Lake, Washington.